Applied Integration are approved integrators for all the leading PLC manufacturers, delivering systems applicable to SIL3 across the oil, gas, petrochemical and nuclear energy industries.  We can provide guidance on how to implement a PLC Safety System, the use of safety functions and compliance with industry standards, as well as the total integration of the system.





Emergency Shutdown Systems

Applied Integration has many years of experience in the design and implementation of safety critical control systems including Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD) to SIL3 in accordance with IEC61508 and IEC61511 international standards.


Electrical Network Management Systems

Applied Integration has many years of experience in the design and implementation of Electrical Network Management Systems (ENMS) across hospitals, banks and data centres.

Delivering consistently high-performing systems that are specifically developed on a PLC/SCADA platform, the ENMS provides full integration with intelligent MCB’s, Metering, third party Ethernet, Modbus, BACNET interfaces and discrete inputs/outputs.  Our ENMS is designed for loading/load-shedding essential and non-essential supplies that are dependent upon the building operating conditions.


System Migration

System Migration is, or at some point will be, a very important topic to every manufacturing facility.  Applied Integration has an extensive amount of experience in migrating many hardware and software platforms and can assist customers in this process.

We have in-house expertise to extract the required information from existing legacy configurations, graphics, experienced operator knowledge or old documentation.  Based on this information, we can make specific recommendations on a migration path



With a wealth of knowledge in the field, Applied Integration is an approved systems integrator for the world’s leading suppliers of visualisation, HMI and SCADA systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition).

We are approved systems integrators for leading suppliers, including Citect, GE Fanuc, Rockwell, Siemens, Wonderware and many more.



Applied Integration UK Ltd is able to provide clients with a variety of DCS solutions, having excellent knowledge with a large number of market-leading manufacturers applicable to SIL3.  We can supply systems ranging from single integrated controllers to large turnkey installations, including control panels, sensors and actuators.

Systems with which we have detailed knowledge and experience include:


Overall Equipment Efficiency Systems

Applied Integration have successfully designed and installed automated OEE systems, providing comprehensive machine downtime, analysis and reporting functions.

Whilst an OEE System alone will not increase productivity, the accurate real-time OEE and plant metric data collected and stored in the automated system enables companies to make effective, quick decisions that improve overall efficiency and profitability.


Simulation Tools

SIMIT simulation software is an effective and efficient tool for simulating and testing automation software.

SIMIT provides a solid platform for testing the automation software, providing a realistic image of current process behaviour, ensuring that the systems work as they should.

Simulating signals, actuators and sensors facilitates safe system engineering. SIMIT will simulate and reproduce malfunctions and critical conditions, reducing stress on systems and improving safety for staff, equipment, and the environment.  SIMIT can also utilised as an invaluable tool for training purposes.

Therefore, SIMIT simulation software offers the following:

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