Applied Integration announce two year ‘KTP’ partnership with Teesside University

Posted on May 14, 2015

Here at Applied Integration we are delighted to announce our new KTP or ‘Knowledge Transfer Partnership’ with Teesside University. KTP is a government funded scheme which enables successful businesses to further increase their productivity and competiveness through the better use of the UK’s knowledge, technology and skills-base.

As a result of the partnership; we are working with the University’s School of Computing to bring about changes to our in-house project development framework.

The aim of this relationship with Teesside University is to increase the efficiency of our in in-house processes, in order to reduce costs and development time associated with the production of hybrid critical systems.

Spearheading the University’s team of academics are Dr Peter Gregory and Dr Joao Ferreira, both senior lecturers and integral members of the university’s Digital Futures Research Institute.

We have recruited the recently graduated Ali Almohammad to work with us on the £108,000 partnership, with our very own Project Manager Phil White overseeing the project.

Mr Garry Lofthouse, our director, has commented on the partnership stating that; “We’re excited about the potential for this collaborative project with Teesside University.

“If it’s as successful as we believe it can be, it will provide us with a business tool that will give us a real advantage over our rivals.

“Clearly, having to do work again because a client’s requirements were not 100% understood and agreed at the outset can have a very significant impact on the time and cost of a project.

“It’s estimated that significant changes made towards the end of a project can multiply 15-fold the amount of work necessary had the changes been made at the outset.

“The commissioning segment of the complex projects we carry out traditionally represents 60% of the overall costs, so accurate, standardised requirements capture – covering the ‘what if’ scenarios through fully automated testing – is the planned outcome from the KTP.

“When you consider that some of our Defence sector projects – on nuclear submarines, for instance – can cover a six-year period, then it’s easy to understand the importance of getting it right from the very start.“

This is clearly an exciting time for us at Applied Integration, hopefully signalling the beginning of a bright and promising road to success alongside our partners at Teesside University.

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