Applied Integration UK host engineering day at Ingleby Manor School

Posted on August 5, 2015

On Thursday the 9th July, students from Ingleby Manor Free School were given an insight into the world of engineering by staff here at Applied Integration UK. A day of interactive classes and demonstrations gave the students a ‘hands on’ approach to learning more about control engineering. Software engineer Joe Pearce led the classes, proving an instant hit with the year 7 and 8 pupils as he ensured the lessons remained fun and engaging for all.

The first demonstration was a large, automated scalectrix track controlled by a ‘Programmable Logic Controller’. The idea was for one of the cars to speed around the track at variable speeds controlled by the PLC, whilst the students were able to race against it using a manual controller. The end result was a fun way for students to understand the very basic principles of a PLC in use, and how its application could be used to automate a process, in this case the operation of a model car. This proved very popular amongst the children and provided the perfect stimulus to open their minds to the possibilities involved with control engineering.

Next we took the chance to show the pupils an example of control engineering in a ‘real world’ situation. The demonstration was an on-screen visualisation of an emergency fire control system to be implemented on a crude oil storage facility based at Tetney near the mouth of the river Humber. The system allows an engineer to attack a potential fire from a ‘Human Machine Interface’ or HMI, before isolating and eventually extinguishing the fire. Joe did a fantastic job in explaining a complex system in a way that the pupils could easily understand. This session was highly thought provoking and the students had many questions about the system and its use, as well as a number of questions relating to the broadness of the term ‘engineering’. Notably, they were very interested to hear that the majority of Joe’s working days are spent in an office; designing and creating the systems that they had just been learning about. This proved a real eye-opener and helped them understand some of the very basic concepts of control and software engineering in a little more detail.

All in all, the day proved to be highly rewarding for both the engineers and all the pupils involved. At Applied Integration UK we are passionate about giving back to our local community and helping schools provide pupils with extra-curricular learning is a perfect way in order to do so. We are therefore excited to continue our relationship with Ingleby Manor Free School; we are fully supportive of their work in providing an excellent new educational facility and we look forward to returning for many years to come.

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