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Posted on October 14, 2019


Applied Integration are pleased to announce that we are now an approved Qualified Partner for B&R Automation. We are now part of the United Kingdom and Ireland network of system integrator’s to support end users. As a qualified APROL process control solution partner we can provide expertise in project design, execution and management, to ensure the successful implementation of end-customer projects and the development of long-term co-operation.

The APROL process control system offered by B&R provides distinctive scaling possibilities that allow coverage of every area of an application.  With backing from B&R we can support a system’s entire life cycle – from planning, library creation and configuration to commissioning and operation. The APROL system provide seamless integration and intuitive operation to reduce setup times and ensure the highest level of system productivity while providing flexibility for process changes.

Common applications for an APROL process control systems include:

APROL Energy Monitoring

Integrated energy measurement modules supply all electrical values and quality assurance data. Data is collected automatically from all energy sources (natural gas, oil, etc.) to provide critical information for analysis. Energy management systems as defined in ISO 50001 are easily implemented with measurement and display of consumption and cost data. Historical data allows detailed analysis of energy consumption, making it simple to identify cause and effect.

APROL Condition Monitoring

Online vibration measurement integrated in the I/O module makes it possible to identify the mechanical condition of the machine and allows performance degradation to be detected early on so that serious damage can be prevented. Condition-based predictive maintenance reduces the number of unpredictable outages, thus keeping the costs associated with downtime and repairs to an absolute minimum.

APROL Process Data Acquisition

Centralised acquisition of data from machines and systems enables comprehensive online performance monitoring and visualisation. Long-term archiving ensures the ability to assess the quality of the manufacturing process. Integrated reports provide detailed analysis of all process data in order to optimise production processes. Combined display of ongoing data, alarms and events in the TrendViewer make it easy to trace cause and effect.

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